Sesame seeds

 These tiny oval seeds, which grow on a tall annual plant, are basic to many of the world’s cuisines, including those of Africa, India, and China. Dark sesame oil is a staple cooking ingredient in Asia. You can buy hulled or unhulled sesame seeds. The unhulled seeds, which are darker in color, have the bran intact and are an excellent source of iron and phosphorus. There are also black sesame seeds, but they are smaller and somewhat more bitter.
Sesame Seeds are used in:-
—Healthy cooking and treated suitable for salad oils and margarine
—Natural Sesame Seeds have plenty of medicinal benefits and good to protect liver from oxidation damage
—The powder prepared using sesame seeds are good for bakery foods mostly in breads and buns for crunchiness
25/50 Kg PP bags or as per customers requirement.
20 feet container (19 MT)

Types of Sesame seeds

Natural Sesame Seeds

Natural sesame seeds products had plenty of health benefits that makes you overall healthy and fit. Also they are rich in essential nutrients and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1.


Benefits:-Anti-ageing properties, Decreases the risk of cancer, Stabilises your blood pressure , For healthier bones, etc.

Description Purity Other color Admixture FFA Oil
Natural white sesame seeds 99/1/1 98% min. 2% max. 1% max. 2% max. 48% min
Natural sesame seeds sortex clean 99/1 99% min. 1% max. 1% max. 2% max. 48% min
Natural sesame seeds machine cleaned sortex 99.95% 99.95% min. 0.05% max. 1% max. 2% max. 48% min

Hulled sesame seeds

Hulled sesame seeds have multiple medicinal benefits too that makes them suitable to use for various ailments or treatments.


 Benefits:-High Protein Vegetarian Diet, Prevent Diabetes, Cure Anemia, Cardiovascular Health, Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.

Description Purity Impurity Moisture FFA Oil
Hulled Sesame seeds 99.95% 99.95% min. 0.05% max. 5% max. 2% max. 48% min
Hulled Sesame seeds 99.97% 99.97% min. 0.03% max. 4.5% max. 2% max. 48% min
Hulled Sesame seeds 99.98% 99.98% min. 0.02% max. 4.5% max. 2% max. 48% min
Hulled Sesame seeds 99.99% 99.99% min. 0.01% max. 4.5% max. 2% max. 48% min

Black sesame seeds

Black sesame seed is an annual herb rich in iron, protein, vitamin, calcium and manganese. The seeds also have two rare amino acids that are not easily available in daily diet. We can say black sesame seeds are single and whole source of health.


 Benefits:-Prevention Of Scalp Problems,Encourage Hair Growth, Treatment Of Cracked Heels, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Blood Pressure Reduction, etc.

Description Purity Impurity Moisture FFA Oil
Natural Black sesame seed 99/1/1 98% min. 2% 1% max. 2% max. 48% min.
Natural Black sesame seed 99/1 99% min. 1% 1% max. 2% max. 48% min.

Crushing Sesame Seed

Crushing Quality Natural Sesame Seed – White / Brown/ Mixed Sesame seed.








Crushing Sesame Seed

98% max.


7% max.

2% max.

48% min.


Peanuts is also known as the groundnut, goober, or monkey nut. It is grown mostly in five states namely Andhra pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.They impart a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavours.
Peanuts have various varieties including bold peanuts, java peanuts, blanched bold peanuts, etc.

Bold Quality:-

Size:  35/40, 38/42, 45/50, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90

Java Quality:-
Size: 40/50, 45/55, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 100/120, 120/140


—Oil manufacturing industry
—Medical industry
—Food industry
50 Kgs New Jute Bags,  25 Kgs Vacuum Bags