Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. The simplest pnictogen hydride, ammonia is a colourless gas with a characteristic pungent smell.


It is also produced naturally from decomposition of organic matter, including plants, animals and animal wastes. Some chemical/physical properties of ammonia are: At room temperature, ammonia is a colorless, highly irritating gas with a pungent, suffocating odor.

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Sulfur or sulphur is a chemical element with symbol S and atomic number 16. It is abundant, multivalent, and nonmetallic. Under normal conditions, sulfur atoms form cyclic octatomic molecules with a chemical formula S₈. Elemental sulfur is a bright yellow crystalline solid at room temperature.We supply urea from Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

–Agricultural fertilizer use:

sulfur is an essential plant nutrient needed for the production of amino acids which in turn make up proteins. Pure elemental sulfur is a vital secondary macronutrient that can be applied to deficient soils or in places where it is necessary to lower pH for acid loving plants. It is granulated for easy application through any type spreader.


–Non-agricultural uses:

It is widely used in many consumer products and industrial applications. It’s commonly converted to sulfate prior to use in rubber, textile, detergent and paper.

Type of Sulphur

Sulphur Granules

Sulfur is one of the most important agricultural and industrial raw materials and is considered a strategic product sulfur is an odorless, tasteless and polyvalent nonmetal which is mostly in the form of yellow crystals and is obtained from sulphide and sulphate.


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Sulphur Lump