Nasle Ayande Giti

An International Trading House

Importer, Exporter, Distributor, Supplier & Wholesaler


Nasle Ayande Giti is an international trading company in Tehran, established under law of I. R. of Iran since it started its business in the year 2013.Company was started to trade between Iran, India and Dubai; has turned into a broader business entity which includes Iran & its neighboring countries and CIS countries.

English name of Nasle Ayande Giti is Next Gen Global (NGG).

Our long-term goal is to develop markets for our products in Europe, North and South America based on our unique management solutions providing value added services leading to perfection from the confirmed order until delivery to our clients. It is our philosophy with respect to our customers that we treat our esteemed customers based on absolute trust, professional business ethics and exceptional services thus leading to excellent growth for our mutual benefit.

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